Trivia questions for the Brilliant Horse Lover

Host your own trivia event

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So much easier than you think and though we can't promise that you'll be smarter we are leaning that way.

And since many heads prove better than one, you will want to play with friends. This is a case where the more the merrier and the more entertaining answers you will hear. 

What you will need:

  • EQUESTrian Cards - have to start with good questions
  • Location to host the event - something as cozy as someone's home or go big and invite folks to a hall or public venue
  • Teams - again, just gather some friends and let them break into small groups or send out invitations for folks to bring their team intact. If you have individuals who want to play, but claim to have no friends, introduce all the individuals so they can be new friends and make an incredible team!
  • A name for your team - be creative
  • An agreement that this is a test of your combined knowledge (yours and your teammates'), not an exercise for your phone

Who will play?

You can't think of a reason to play? How about:

  • A club meeting
  • Fun at the barn
  • A holiday party
  • As a fundraiser
  • An evening with friends
  • Customer Appreciation event

And trivia challenges can be one-night affairs or ongoing challenges, like the game of Monopoly that never ends or until you reach a set goal of X amount of points.