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"Trivia in the car..."

Do you know a horse's normal temperature range? How much water a horse drinks on average a day? Or how much manure a horse produces in 24 hours (answers a lot of questions about why everyone always seems to be mucking stalls)?

Trivia doesn't have to be trivial. EQUESTrian Cards contain useful information hidden in a game. Much like when Mom hid spinach in the brownies, you like them, and they are 'good' for you.   

"EQUESTrian Cards are a wonderful way to help enlighten and engage people of all ages whether they are young children, college students, or adults. The trivia is presented in a manner that allows for true interactive, fun learning. These cards were enjoyed by everyone, not just those who have been around horses their entire lives; this is a rare quality for a trivia activity in any discipline. The range of facts allowed for learning to occur no matter the level of horse experience. The cards were used in many aspects of a successful event and will continue to be utilized in the future as they are so adaptable! The cards can be used as strict trivia or adapted for use in Quiz Bowl activities. Lastly, I cannot speak highly enough about these cards or their creator as she is truly passionate about furthering equestrian knowledge."

- Brooklyne

​Equine Science

Graduate Student 

Auburn University

"Party night for friends..."

"EQUESTrian Cards are great! We use them in our IHSA Zone I, Region ...III as a tie breaker for some of the end of the day awards for Novice High Point Rider and the Intermediate High Point Awards. The students are asked IHSA questions and questions from the Equestrian Cards. They are easy, fun and some are very challenging. My team does weekly horsemanship quizzes to help the students learn more about horsemanship. Horsemanship knowledge is so important for anyone that rides horses!! I purchased these cards two years ago at the Equine Affaire!

- Carol J. (CJ) Law

Head Riding Coach

​Mount Holyoke College

"...we just had this in class!"

Here is what you can expect:

  • Where exactly is the 'near' side of the horse?

  • Ideally, barn doors should be what measurements?

  • When galloping, and the horse has all its feet off of the ground, is it inhaling or exhaling?

  • The long hair on the fetlock and pastern of cold-blooded horses is called what?

  • In Fox Hunting, what is a drag hunt?

  • In the tie-down roping event, how many feet of the steer does a cowboy need to tie - 2,3,4,whatever?

Want more? You can keep busy with 600 questions in Decks 1-6. Deck 7 has 100+ questions and a Bonus Expert section to enlighten you on some exciting sports. Buy the entire set and be ready to be brilliant!

"Great for mounted lessons or when we can't ride."

Not just for kids, the varying levels of cerebral challenge in EQUESTrian Cards will pique your interest and expand your knowledge - whether you are a nervous walk-trotter, a seasoned equestrian or an insatiable hippophile.

With 600 questions in Decks 1-6, the questions touch upon equine history, development, care, feeding, grooming, riding, breed characteristics, health, tack, and more. The information is not breed or discipline specific, so if you ride hunt seat or stock seat, ride a paint or a warmblood, the answer still applies.

The best part? They are self-contained and portable! Pack them to the barn, throw them in the car, keep a deck in your tack trunk.​

Trivia questions for the Brilliant Horse Lover

"These are cool!"

"EQUESTrian Cards are great for our 4-H Club. We use them to study for several events including Quiz Bowl, Hippology, and studying for quizzes, as well as just playing games. These cards include a wealth of information and the youth enjoy working with them. Thank you for the hard work you put into these cards!

- Ramona Chessman

Coos County 4-H Leader

New Hampshire