EQUESTrian Cards  Decks 1-7

Decks 1-6 contain 600 questions of practical horse knowledge served trivia-style.

We did all the work so you don't have to. Thoroughly researched questions with answers on the back.

Deck 7 is Equine Sports Trivia.

You won't hear the winners say...It's Only A Game what do you know about these 12 equine sports: In which equine sport does the 'human' have to canter? Protesting a score costs you $, and depending on the sport - it could be a lot of $$

    A fun, easy way to increase, maintain or verify your horse knowledge

Increasing your horse(wo)manship is never a minute wasted

Love horses?

Love games?

Here is a fun way to up your knowledge!

Have fun learning more about your favorite equines using researched questions and answers to test what you know, or learn something new

Be a cool equestrian or a brilliant one. Even if this isn't your first rodeo and you've been around the ring and down the trail many times before, you never stop learning. Improve your horsemanship by increasing your knowledge in a  way that helps you learn practical horse facts as you play.

Trivia questions for the Brilliant Horse Lover